88. Court of Phryane

Queen Phryane acquaints herself with control over the great city of Ani, as ships under her control probe the Kadarian blockade

87. Jackdaws Go North

The Jackdaws continue to ingratiate themselves to Captain Rugov Sezer and Branneck wrestles for control of the Burden

85. Reunion

The godlings get used to the new God of War as Dorro heads ashore with Queen Sirena and runs into an old friend

83. A House Divided

Adjusting to his new godhood, Lord Haldir Loran is greeted with a familiar voice…and an invitation of friendship

79. Clearing the Deck

Haldir, Vessen, and Eriska battle to survive the onslaught of the God of Death and her undying lieutenant, Thrall Mock

77. The Sun and the Moon

The players regroup after their battle with The Line, while Dorro and Caitlyn fill in Queen Sirena on what they have been up to

76. Time and Fate

The players regroup after their battle with The Line, while Dorro and Caitlyn fill in Queen Sirena on what they have been up to

75. Deal with the Devil

Xion makes a deal with Dudala in the Astral Realm as his friends face off against the god-hunting members of the line.

73. Follow the Leader

The Jackdaws settle into their quarters on the Burden and try to find a way to survive the crazy whims of Captain Rugov Sezer

72. Call of the North

Eriska and Haldir make their way out of Ani on a Rylendian fogcutter while the Jackdaws find their way onto a Kadarian supply ship

71. Shattered Remains

The Jackdaws carefully plot their escape from Ani as Eriska continues to unleash Chaos and Haldir struggles for control

70. Flame and Stone

The party interrogates the God of the Astral Realm while Pera, Caitlyn, and Dorro search for the second godling that was glimpsed in Capena

68. The City of Gold

Carlos Luna joins the cast playing Pera Rivers as the A-team searches the capital city of Ryzan for the arisen Godling of the Astral Realm

66. Fit for a King

Lord Haldir Loran asserts himself to the chagrin of Chancellor Gringle, the Jackdaws face an uncertain future, and a new godling makes her mark on the city of Ani

58. For Death Awaits

After helping Uragon lend aid to his Orc brethren, Xion, Pera, Oinkers and Torrvic set out after a newly arisen foe.

59. A Weary Head

Queen Phryane and Lord Haldir Loran discover the truth about the power behind the magical island city of Ani

55. What Lies Beneath

Queen Phryane Tinueth and Lord Haldir Loran discover the truth about what really powers the magical city of Ani

53. The Bubbling Deep

Xion, Pera, Uragon, Torrvic and Oinkers set out into the swamps of Zadar to find out what has been taking slaves from the rice fields, and to bring back a few Seeker Stones

52. Never Split The Party

Dorro, Rina, Caitlin, Queen Sirena and Joshra Omar face off against a fully empowered God of Order Cyril Avantis and his henchman (and God of Sport) Tiago Reise, while Xion, Pera and Torrvic make their way North to the slaver town of Zadar

51. Run For The Money

Still separated from the others, Queen Sirena, Dorro, Caitlin and Rina decide to head back to Port Bliss and see if they can find a way to the Ironwood

49. The Return of the King (Part 1)

Xion, Pera and Torrvic battle a massive forest fire alongside the Orcs of Flatrock, Rina and Dorro try and figure out Baron Leflure’s plans in Port Bliss and Queen Phryane and Haldir try to maintain order in a city that has turned against them

46. What Dreams May Wander

Queen Phryane gets to know Lord Haldir Loran of Rylend while Dorro, Rina, Queen Sirenna and Oinkers head North in search of the Godking’s shield

45. The Roads Less Traveled

The players figure out what happened in their absence, train for their coming battles and make plot out their course through Southern Wessle

44. The Hunt Begins

The players rest after their long climb through the Union, taking a night to plan their next course of action

43. The Rylend Delegation

The Rylend delegation arrives in Ani for the funeral of their prince, led by his mysterious brother and a trio of Elven Fogcutters

Sidequest 1: Out Of The Frying Pan

Thanks to our generous Kickstarter Worldbook backers, we present the first of five Bonus Podcasts: Out of the Frying Pan, where we learn what Oinkers was up to while the players were scaling Barros’ Union

41. Season 2 Mailbag

We look back on the first half of Season 2: Godsfall Swords & Superheroes podcast to answer fan questions about the podcast.

36. The Union (Part 7)

The party barely escapes from within the horde as Dorro seeks revenge for his fallen comrade, and a voice from the past returns

35. The Union (Part 6)

The party barely escapes from within the horde as Dorro seeks revenge for his fallen comrade, and a voice from the past returns

34. The Union (Part 5)

The players launch a daring surprise attack in order to buy time for Dorro and Torrvic to sabotage the enemy siege weapons, but all does not go as planned

31. Rina Falaval

Our newest player, a Wild-Elf Ranger from the Ironwood, faces dangerous trials on her path to becoming a Guardian of the great forest

30. The Union (Part 2)

The party survives the long fall from the top of the Union and begins an arduous climb from within her towering onyx walls

27. The Calm

The players continue south while training their Divinities and learning more about one of the items from the Godking’s secret vault

26. A Dogged Pursuit

The party flees Ani and Phryane’s control as they head ever South in their quest to return the Godking to his throne, chased every step of the way by the Blackwater

25. Season 1 Mailbag

We look back on Season 1 of the Godsfall Swords & Superheroes podcast to answer fan questions and have a roundtable discussion about our game

24. King Quest

The party makes a break from Ani with the Queen in order to rescue the Godking in our Season One finale

22. Arrest These Men

Xion and Phryane interrogate a surviving Zavanite assassin, Torrvick takes some time to work on his craft, while Dorro is haunted by the ghosts of his past

20. Cards On The Table

Torrvic and Dorro take on Barron Leflure and his men while the new Queens deal with a potential invasion, and some unloyal council members

19. Payback

Torrvic and Dorro take on Barron Leflure and his men, Xion and Pera rescue an old friend, and the new Queen discovers some new abilities

18. Godsfall Mailbag

This week we take a break from our actual play sessions to answer some questions from our audience and fill in more details about the Godsfall world

17. Turning The Tables

Dorro and Torvic struggle to control the monster they have summoned while getting the drop on Baron Leflure, and Xion and Pera make a daring escape along with an old friend

15. Power Play

Xion and Pera stand accused of treason, while Phryane adjusts to her new position and Torrvic and Dorro create a distraction by combining their Divinities

14. To Have and to Hold

The players are further separated within Ani’s towering walls as Torrvic and Dorro track an old enemy, Xion and Pera are brought in for questioning and Phryane prepares for an audience with the new queen.

13. To the Library!

Our party arrives in Ani only to be assaulted by the very walls surrounding it, swamping their ship. Later Phryane, Xion and Pera head to Ani’s Great Library while Dorro practices his Divinity and Torrvic heads off in search of a guild hall, his new piglet friend in tow.

12. The Death of a King

As the dust settles and the Godking goes missing, it is up to the players to rally and defend the citizens of Turtle Bay. Later they find their way to the grand city-kingdom of Ani and delve deep into her Great Library

11. Turtlefest (Part 2)

The players engage in a variety of shows and contests at Turtlefest as Dorro prepares both Oliver for the runway and to sing a very special song, while Ogun’s comet reappears from behind the sun.

10. Turtlefest (Part 1)

The party makes a harrowing escape from Orym’s temple, only to be forcefully escorted out of the Ironwood by Sebouh and a dozen Wild-Elf archers as they make their way to Turtle Bay for the 50th annual Turtlefest

8. Into the Ironwood (Part 2)

Torrvic spots his white wolf and leads the party deep into the Ironwood where they find both allies and enemies among the Wild Elves who guard the great forest

7. Into the Ironwood (Part 1)

The players and their ship, the Montgomery, arrive in The Bluffs under the watchful eye of Kadarian Inquisitors as they are met by Phryane’s Aunt Roshia

6. The Runaways

The characters learn more about the mysterious sapphire Dorro stole from Baron Leflure as nefarious forces gather against them on the horizon

3. Phryane Tinueth

We meet Phryane Tinueth as she attempts to sneak away from her betrothal ceremony in the middle of Ani’s High Harvest Festival

2. Dorro Knott

We meet Dorro Knott as he attempts to steal a small wooden box he spotted as it was sold on the street for a suspiciously large amount of coin