Xion Praeten surrounded by Mage Armor.

Player: Michael Key
Download Xion’s
 Character Sheet

Xion was once a young acolyte in Kadar, the youngest of four after his mother Amdah married the widower High Antitheot Atred. His elder brothers, Mahteret and Tahlus, were distant from him, but Fohsa was a friend and sought to mentor Xion in the ways of combat.

One night after sparring with his brother in the Highlands beyond the eastern walls of the Southern Shield, Xion was awoken by his mother. Covering his mouth she brought his father’s Seeker Staff near his face. The stone held within burned bright pink.

Without a word spoken, he knew what this meant: he was magical, and he would be hunted for the rest of his life by his brother’s and father.

Quickly sneaking him out the door with a small backpack of supplies and a pouch of gold, Amdah promised her son she would meet him in Tael’s Bay. Xion’s trip to the far eastern edge of Brenus was cut short at Port Bliss when he met others who shared his fate.



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