Godsfall Worldbook

April 17, 2017

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Final design and layout of the book is in progress. In addition to the book preview, we also have a gallery of original Worldbook art on display and will post continue updates as we take preorders and prepare the Worldbook, maps and character sheets for print.

In additional to the original races, Divinities, maps, artwork, magic items, creatures and optional rules of the Worldbook, Kickstarter backers and preorders will be receiving a free .pdf of the first official Godsfall supplement: Into the Ironwood.

In this adventure, you’ll follow Aramil and a band of highly-skilled Elven Guardians as they search for the reason behind the rash of intrusions by Yeti descending from the Spine of the World. The adventure includes original maps, character sheets and art detailing the woods and mountains of Brenus’s Northern Peninsula.

Additionally, we’ll be recording every paragraph of descriptive text as full audio clips with the same production and sound effects as the podcast. 




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