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Thank you so much for listening to our show. If you would like to support Godsfall so we can continue making and improving our podcast, and plan new shows in the future, here are ways you can do that:



Our Patreon supporters are the bread and butter of our show and have been the lifeline that keeps us producing more episodes. As a Patreon supporter, you’ll have access to unedited Godsfall episodes, extensive DM’s notes from the show and early releases of new episodes! patreon.com/godsfall



If you are looking to make a one-time donation to the show, we have set up a link for you to easily do just that! paypal.me/godsfall


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We also have custom Godsfall t-shirts! Every shirt puts $4 back into the podcast and helps get the word out about our show! shop.spreadshirt.com/Godsfall

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