Rina Falaval

February 5, 2017

The God of Luck Rina Falaval circumventing fate while she takes aim.

Player: Kelly
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 Character Sheet

The young Wild-Elf Rina Falaval was an apprentice of her cousin Aramil, himself graced with the Divinity of Speed. He knew of her abilities (they manifested before his own) and was ordered by the Elder Hagint to keep knowledge of them closely guarded.

While tailing one of their own (their cousin Sebouh) who had fled the tribe and the forest along with several stolen jars of magical tracking dust, Rina and Aramil were teleported to the Union, summoned by its powerful magics.

She had not been chosen for this journey and appeared only because she made contact with Aramil, unknowingly forging a bridge between their Divinities. In the instant he was summoned the connection flared stronger, and she was pulled along as well.

Thus when Aramil was returned to the Ironwood, Rina found herself left behind with new friends and trapped within the towering walls of Barros’s great Union.



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