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Godsfall Crew:

Dorro’s Song:

♪ My name is Dorro Knott
and I’m from the Port of Bliss.

I found a gem, it’s worth a lot, I stole it like a kiss.
I tried to get away
but the Baron tracked me down.

He sent his men, he sent his dogs, they chased me through the town.
And then a man did stop me
with nothing but his mind.

I disappeared then reappeared, I slipped another bind.
The Elf, the Dwarf, the Human,
it turns out we’re the same.

We’re all composed of magic, this surely leads to fame.
Some lady named Rosia,
she hid us in her place.

I ran around and I was found, Kadar now knows my face.
The Dwarf was having visions.
The Wolf was calling him.
We found the Elves, revealed ourselves, true Godhood from within.
Sooooooooo, I learned to teleport…
watch me do it now!

I’m over here!
I’m over there!
And now I’m in the crowd! ♪

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