Pera Rivers

February 5, 2017
Pera Rivers

Pera Rivers sheathed in Divine flame as the arisen God of the Sun.

Player: Aram Vartian
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 Character Sheet

Pera was the middle child of three siblings: his older brother Daryl, older sister Irene and younger sister, Phoenix. His older brother was slaughtered while the two of them were piloting the family’s grain barge along the wide, lackadaisical river that connected his hometown of Hogsfeet with the trading capital of Grainhill.

They were attacked by Cyril Avantis and several armed men and women. Pera was knocked unconscious and recalls little of the encounter; his last memory was of his brother being run through by Cyril. He awoke sometime later locked in a small room in a warehouse owned by Baron Leflure.

He was there for less than two days when Dorro Knott crossed his path. Unaware that Pera was also a young Godling (and ignorant of his own latent abilities), the Halfling rogue freed him but had little interest in forming a friendship. While they escaped they were set upon by Leflure and his men, and felt the painful grip of Cyril’s Divinity of Order.

In that moment, Pera was saved by a Dwarf named Torrvic Wildtongue who blundered upon the scene, and Dorro who was suddenly made aware of his ability to teleport. The three of them ended up miles away from their back alley, drenched in the bay of Port Bliss.



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