Lord Haldir Loran wielding his Pact Sword and flanked by his golden lionesses, Lona and Yanya.

Player: Joe
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 Character Sheet

Lord Haldir Loran is a High-Elf from the mountain enclave of Rylend and was training as a young mage when the Godswar broke out. Even before the planet was shattered, he heard dark whispers emanating from somewhere beyond the known realm.

In the aftermath his schoolmates and teachers were aghast to find that magic had left them as the Weave itself had been torn asunder in the great war. Haldir was shocked that he alone was able to call upon his arcane powers, and that they had only grown in strength since the sundering.

Learning the truth behind his abilities and meeting his benefactor for the first time, Haldir was gifted several items that mask his thoughts, actions and alignment, along with the golden lion trinkets that serve as friends and loyal defenders.

Fully in tune with his new abilities and sent forth by a royal decree (and a trio of Elven Fogcutters), Haldir seeks to influence the politics of Ani and, if needed, usurp its new Queen.



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