June 17, 2017

Godsfall Worldbook Update


Hello, people!

We have made a lot of progress this month on the Godsfall Worldbook, including wrapping the final front and back cover layout!

We have also nearly wrapped our massive Divinites chapter and are adding final artwork and edits now. Here are a few examples pages:

We are currently working with our printer (Kraken Print) on finalizing print details and schedule so we can figure out exactly when the print copies and world maps will ship. We are also working with BackerKit to setup an online store to allow Kickstarter backers to upgrade their pledges if they choose, and allow everyone to easily update their contact information and track their pledge shipments.

You can also download an image-only version of the Worldbook Cover as a desktop background:


As soon as everything is working will be posting it to godsfall.com/worldbook. Stay tuned!



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