Dorro Knott

February 4, 2017
Dorro Knott

Dorro Knott in his full Divine form (complete with Astral beard).

Player: Doug Horn
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Character Sheet

Dorro was raised by well-meaning parents who moved their family to the trade city of Port Bliss in order to make a better life for them all. Sadly all did not go as planned; his parents ended up drug addicts and Dorro was left to fend for himself.

He fell in with a gang of other young, displaced halflings and learned to con and steal for a living. After learning about a small box that a local trader named Baron Henri LeFlure had paid a surprising amount of gold for, Dorro tracked down where he was keeping it and stole the sapphire inside (while freeing a young human named Pera who was locked in the warehouse the gem was kept).

After escaping from Baron Leflure and a man with snow-white hair and the ability to physically manipulate people from a distance, Dorro ran into Torrvic Wildtongue who was in the city chasing a great Dire Wolf. The three of them faced off against Leflure just as Dorro’s latent Divinity activated for the first time, teleporting the three of them far from the battle and into the bay of Port Bliss.



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