Godsfall is a broken land.

A land in which the Old Gods slaughtered one another in a great war that ravaged the world and stripped divine and arcane casters alike of their magic. It is a world where the five kingdoms that remain bicker over resources, taking up arms to defend shipping lanes and tariffs instead of a common defense.

It is ninety-eight years after the destruction of most of the known world and all her Gods, but a God can never truly die. Their power is seeping back into the realm of mortals to anoint new Deities – and you are one of the chosen.

The expanded Godsfall Worldbook will contain full rules for all thirty-six Divinities from levels 1-20, rich descriptions and original art of lands and major cities across the Five Kingdoms, original portraits of dozens of NPCs from the Godsfall podcast, a Godsfall character sheet with space for player Divinities, drawings and descriptions of original creatures that stalk the Godsfall world, and detailed world and city maps.

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