March 13, 2020

Godsfall Ep. 100 Preview for the Godsfall Worldbook

Hey, people! Thanks for checking out these short previews of Godsfall Episode 100 as we look to wrap-up recording for the rest of Season 5. In order to raise funds to cover the show, we are releasing the limited overstock of the original Godsfall Worldbook:

First run print edition of the Godsfall Worldbook (U.S. shipping ONLY)

$55.00 (Shipping Included) 

First run print edition of the Godsfall Worldbook (International Shipping)

$85.00 (Shipping Included)

Note: We know the overseas shipping is crazy; but this is what it actually costs us to box and mail each book out. We wish it were cheaper. If you live outside the U.S. and just can’t swing a physical copy, we’ll happily sell you the PDF for half-price.

$20.00 $10.00


When you order the Godsfall Worldbook, you will receive:

  • Full-color print first run print edition of the Worldbook
  • Free .PDF download of the Worldbook ($20 value)
  • Full-color dustjacket map of Khlagun

We only have 70 copies of the Godsfall Worldbook in stock and there will be no more printed until we wrap the Rise of the Demigods book and issue a second round.


A land in which the Old Gods slaughtered one another in a great war that ravaged the world and stripped divine and arcane casters alike of their magic. It is a world where the five kingdoms that remain bicker over resources, taking up arms to defend shipping lanes and tariffs instead of a common defense.

It is ninety-eight years after the destruction of most of the known world and all her Gods, but a God can never truly die. Their power is seeping back into the realm of mortals to anoint new Deities – and you are one of the chosen.

The expanded Godsfall Worldbook contains full rules for all thirty-six Divinities from levels 1-20, rich descriptions and original art of lands and major cities across the Five Kingdoms, original portraits of dozens of NPCs from the Godsfall podcast, drawings and descriptions of original creatures that stalk the Godsfall world, and detailed world and city maps.


City of Ani

Old Gods



Magic Items

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