Hey, people! Here is where are as of tonight:

With the help of Kraken Print, we have figured out how to print both the books and the World Maps and are locking down a timetable to get them printed, delivered, packaged and shipped. We are also working with BackerKit to setup a final fulfillment store that will allow Kickstarter backers to do the following:

  • Confirm their address for physical shipments and their email for digital shipments.
  • Upgrade their original pledges (if they choose) at the original Kickstarter prices.
  • Once all of our Kickstarter backers are accounted for, we will open up the BackerKit store for pre-orders as we prepare the Worldbook hardcovers for shipment (Kickstarter backers get their orders filled and shipped first).
  • We are very near completion of the .pdf and are going over final edits now. Here is a preview of the long awaited Divinites section of the Worldbook (pdf download), an explanation of how those divinities work in a D&D game, and the abilities of the God of Fire.

The second I am sure the Worldbook is fully edited and wrapped I will be releasing the .pdf to everyone. I know this has taken much longer than I anticipated and I truly appreciate the patience you all have shown. It has been quite a learning experience for me, and being diagnosed with sudden onset rheumatoid arthritis smack in the middle of production has not helped matters.

I can promise you it’ll be worth the wait and that I am taking the time to ensure this book is as perfect as I can possibly make it. Thank you for your support.

– DM Aram