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Final design and layout of the book is in progress. In addition to the book preview, we also have a gallery of original Worldbook art on display and will post continue updates as we take preorders and prepare the Worldbook, maps and character sheets for print.

In additional to the original races, Divinities, maps, artwork, magic items, creatures and optional rules of the Worldbook, Kickstarter backers and preorders will be receiving a free .pdf of the first official Godsfall supplement: Into the Ironwood.

In this adventure, you’ll follow Aramil and a band of highly-skilled Elven Guardians as they search for the reason behind the rash of intrusions by Yeti descending from the Spine of the World. The adventure includes original maps, character sheets and art detailing the woods and mountains of Brenus’s Northern Peninsula.

Additionally, we’ll be recording every paragraph of descriptive text as full audio clips with the same production and sound effects as the podcast. 




Magic Items



Layouts of  The Union as well as a vertical slice of the tower to illustrate how tall each section was when the players entered (the tower rearranges itself when new challengers enter).



The Union 001

The Union 002

The Union 003

The Union 004

The Union 005

The Union 006

The following are all maps of the Five Kingdoms as they stand as of 98 years after the Godswar:







The God of Luck Rina Falaval circumventing fate while she takes aim.

Player: Kelly
Download Rina’s
 Character Sheet

The young Wild-Elf Rina Falaval was an apprentice of her cousin Aramil, himself graced with the Divinity of Speed. He knew of her abilities (they manifested before his own) and was ordered by the Elder Hagint to keep knowledge of them closely guarded.

While tailing one of their own (their cousin Sebouh) who had fled the tribe and the forest along with several stolen jars of magical tracking dust, Rina and Aramil were teleported to the Union, summoned by its powerful magics.

She had not been chosen for this journey and appeared only because she made contact with Aramil, unknowingly forging a bridge between their Divinities. In the instant he was summoned the connection flared stronger, and she was pulled along as well.

Thus when Aramil was returned to the Ironwood, Rina found herself left behind with new friends and trapped within the towering walls of Barros’s great Union.

Pera Rivers

Pera Rivers sheathed in Divine flame as the arisen God of the Sun.

Player: Aram Vartian
Download Pera’s
 Character Sheet

Pera was the middle child of three siblings: his older brother Daryl, older sister Irene and younger sister, Phoenix. His older brother was slaughtered while the two of them were piloting the family’s grain barge along the wide, lackadaisical river that connected his hometown of Hogsfeet with the trading capital of Grainhill.

They were attacked by Cyril Avantis and several armed men and women. Pera was knocked unconscious and recalls little of the encounter; his last memory was of his brother being run through by Cyril. He awoke sometime later locked in a small room in a warehouse owned by Baron Leflure.

He was there for less than two days when Dorro Knott crossed his path. Unaware that Pera was also a young Godling (and ignorant of his own latent abilities), the Halfling rogue freed him but had little interest in forming a friendship. While they escaped they were set upon by Leflure and his men, and felt the painful grip of Cyril’s Divinity of Order.

In that moment, Pera was saved by a Dwarf named Torrvic Wildtongue who blundered upon the scene, and Dorro who was suddenly made aware of his ability to teleport. The three of them ended up miles away from their back alley, drenched in the bay of Port Bliss.

Torrvic Wildtongue is his full Divinity form, covered in Astral creatures.

Torrvic Wildtongue is his full Divinity form, covered in Astral creatures.

Player: Stephen
Download Torrvic’s
 Character Sheet

Torrvic led a simple life as an armor smith in a small village nestled close to the eastern side of the Voiceless Peaks. One night he was surrounded by a swarm of bats who whispered to him, telling him that he was chosen to be the one to “cast out the darkness.” When the swarm left he found a onyx claw on a thin silver chain, placed around his neck in the chaos.

It was also the first time he saw the White Wolf.

It was a massive, ivory creature that howled from peak to cliff, guiding Torrvic South and then North across the Valley of the Feats until reaching Port Bliss. There Torrvic met others with powers like his and joined in their quest while earning the enmity of Baron Henry Lafleur and Cyril Avantis.

Lord Haldir Loran wielding his Pact Sword and flanked by his golden lionesses, Lona and Yanya.

Lord Haldir Loran wielding his Pact Sword and flanked by his golden lionesses, Lona and Yanya.

Player: Joe
Download Haldir’s Character Sheet

Lord Haldir Loran is a High-Elf from the mountain enclave of Rylend and was training as a young mage when the Godswar broke out. Even before the planet was shattered, he heard dark whispers emanating from somewhere beyond the known realm.

In the aftermath his schoolmates and teachers were aghast to find that magic had left them as the Weave itself had been torn asunder in the great war. Haldir was shocked that he alone was able to call upon his arcane powers, and that they had only grown in strength since the sundering.

Learning the truth behind his abilities and meeting his benefactor for the first time, Haldir was gifted several items that mask his thoughts, actions and alignment, along with the golden lion trinkets that serve as friends and loyal defenders.

Fully in tune with his new abilities and sent forth by a royal decree (and a trio of Elven Fogcutters), Haldir seeks to influence the politics of Ani and, if needed, usurp its new Queen.


Xion Praeten surrounded by Mage Armor.

Player: Michael Key
Download Xion’s
 Character Sheet

Xion was once a young acolyte in Kadar, the youngest of four after his mother Amdah married the widower High Antitheot Atred. His elder brothers, Mahteret and Tahlus, were distant from him, but Fohsa was a friend and sought to mentor Xion in the ways of combat.

One night after sparring with his brother in the Highlands beyond the eastern walls of the Southern Shield, Xion was awoken by his mother. Covering his mouth she brought his father’s Seeker Staff near his face. The stone held within burned bright pink.

Without a word spoken, he knew what this meant: he was magical, and he would be hunted for the rest of his life by his brother’s and father.

Quickly sneaking him out the door with a small backpack of supplies and a pouch of gold, Amdah promised her son she would meet him in Tael’s Bay. Xion’s trip to the far eastern edge of Brenus was cut short at Port Bliss when he met others who shared his fate.

Dorro Knott

Dorro Knott in his full Divine form (complete with Astral beard).

Player: Doug Horn
Download Dorro’s
Character Sheet

Dorro was raised by well-meaning parents who moved their family to the trade city of Port Bliss in order to make a better life for them all. Sadly all did not go as planned; his parents ended up drug addicts and Dorro was left to fend for himself.

He fell in with a gang of other young, displaced halflings and learned to con and steal for a living. After learning about a small box that a local trader named Baron Henri LeFlure had paid a surprising amount of gold for, Dorro tracked down where he was keeping it and stole the sapphire inside (while freeing a young human named Pera who was locked in the warehouse the gem was kept).

After escaping from Baron Leflure and a man with snow-white hair and the ability to physically manipulate people from a distance, Dorro ran into Torrvic Wildtongue who was in the city chasing a great Dire Wolf. The three of them faced off against Leflure just as Dorro’s latent Divinity activated for the first time, teleporting the three of them far from the battle and into the bay of Port Bliss.