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Godsfall is an original fantasy story told through the lens of a 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons game. You can listen to our show in the following ways:

We record the podcast around a coffee table in Doug’s (Dorro Knott’s) living room with lav mics and a Xoom H6 digital recorder. Each hour of Godsfall is 4 to 6 hours of writing, 4 hours of recording and 20 hours of editing — or roughly 30 hours of production to every 1 hour of show.

February 2, 2017 marked our two year anniversary, and the day after we crested 1,000,000 downloads. We are currently finalizing production on the Godsfall Worldbook and looking to produce many more chapters of exploration within our custom universe.

Cast of Godsfall:

Official Godsfall Logo: (Special thanks to @MergoKan for the subheader idea)

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