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Episode #039: The Top of the World

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Episode #040: The Top of the World (Part 2)

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Episode #035: The Union (Part 6)

The players launch a daring surprise attack in order to buy time for Dorro and Torrvic to sabotage the enemy siege weapons, but all does not go as planned... Read More
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Godsfall #031: Rina Falaval

Our newest player, a Wild-Elf Ranger from the Ironwood, faces dangerous trials on her path to becoming a Guardian of the great forest. Read More

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Last Time…

Trying out the “Last Time, on Godsfall!” intros in NPC character voices was going really well…right up until I got to Branneck.

New Godsfall opening

Thanks to a painfully biting satire of our opening and main theme by our good friends at Party Roll, I have found myself unable to continue as we have before – all I can hear…

Win some gear from Godsfall

UPDATE: Congratulation to our winners @drcaptainkobold, @Twohounds1 and @Sarah__Ohh who each one of our Sony PX333 Digital Recorders, and to @jediger who picked up a Zoom H1 Handy Digital Recorder and lav mic! Hey people! We’ve…

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